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The purpose of the ME4SE project is to make Java 2 Micro Edition APIs such as the LCDUI classes and the Generic Connection Framework available for the Java 2 Standard Edition.


  1. Provide some limited development support for platforms where no emulator is available.
  2. Allow demonstration of MIDlets before installantion on the device.
  3. Enable Personal Java devices to run MIDlets

Siemens JavaTalks 2004 ME4SE slides

Running ME4SE

The following command starts a MIDlet on your desktop computer if me4se.jar and the sixlegs png library are contained in your classpath:

   java org.me4se.MIDletRunner YourMIDletName 

Since the MIDP 2.0 emulation is not complete yet, your MIDlet may not work if it relies on MIDP 2.0 features. If so, please report your problem to the address given below. Alternatively, you can fix the emulation and contribute your additions to the project.

Please note: Fixes may already be available via cvs. If you encounter problems, please take a look at the cvs web pages before submitting a bug report:

Source Code

You can check out the source code from the CVS repository using the following commands:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co me4se


ME4SE is distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL), V2.0, and a commercial license. For

please contact

(C) 2005,2014 Stefan Haustein, Michael Kroll, Jörg Pleumann.